Budget Challenge: Who has the cheapest auto insurance

So who do you think has the cheapest auto insurance?

This month’s budgeting challenge has been working out who has the cheapest auto insurance – and boy, has it been a challenge! I went into this month all prepared to do a few quick searches, gather some quotes and make a decision, but it’s taken me much longer than I thought it would do. I’ve been with the same company for quite some time, and was getting frustrated that their new customers were getting better deals than me, so I decided to branch out.

It’s been some time since I had to look, and I had forgotten just how much there was that I needed to think about! What I want it to cover, how much I want my deductible to be, and even just the variation in monthly cost. I’ve never been so thankful for the internet – at least this way I’ve been able to get a rough idea, and only call the companies I have an interest in, rather than having to call around them all to get an initial idea!

I really wish companies had deals for long term customers, because if they did I would probably just stay for the convenience. Unfortunately, they don’t, so I’m trying to work out exactly what I want, what I can afford and which company is best suited for me.

I had to make a claim a few years ago, and it was really difficult, so one of the things I’m looking for is a streamlined, easy to use process. Finding who has the cheapest auto insurance is one thing, but if they’re going to be stressful and difficult to use, I’d rather pay a little bit more to make my life easier. Luckily, most of the representatives I’ve spoken to at this point have been really helpful and explained things clearly, so I’m not as worried about this as I was. I found most of the representatives here by the way http://www.whohasthecheapestautoinsurance.com/

Usually I get my monthly budget challenge sorted out, but I’m actually still looking at this – I think it might go into next month too. I haven’t changed policies in a while, so there’s been a lot of new information for me to sift through. I’m getting there, and next time I want to change it should be much easier, but this month has definitely been a really tough one!