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  • Bargain Hunting: Finding no deposit car insurance

    Little random for my first blog post, but what can I say. Insurance is a BIG problem in Georgia, it's too expensive!

    I love bargain hunting. Whether it’s tracking down sales, or keeping track of coupons, it’s one of my favourite things. So it might surprise you to know that I’m really bad at doing it for things like insurance. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been a bit anxious about finding new insurance policies, and I like to stick with something safe and comfortable. But no longer!

    This month, I set myself the challenge of bargain hunting my new no deposit car insurance policy. I went into it with a couple of key goals. Firstly, it had to be fully comprehensive. Secondly, it had to have a reasonable deductible. Finally, I didn’t want to pay a deposit upfront.

    I figured I might have to settle for two out of three, but why not start off aiming high, right? Turns out, it is actually possible to find very cheap car insurance no deposit wanted ( Found it here by the way: https://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/ , also not a bad website to check out: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/.It took me quite a long time to find what I wanted because I’m not that confident with this, but once I’d worked out what I was looking for, it was quite easy to narrow it down to policies that didn’t require one.

    Basically, I didn’t want to pay a deposit because I’m a bit short on money at the moment, but I also didn’t want something with a really high out of pocket cost in case of accidents. I was worried that I’d have to choose one of these things over the other, but actually, I found something that had a higher monthly cost instead. I’m sure to some of you that seems like the worst option, but I actually much prefer the consistency of it. It’s less unpredictable, so I can set my budget out better.

    I didn’t actually settle on a new car insurance policy for about a week and a half though – as I said, I’m really anxious about this sort of thing, so everything got double and triple checked. Plus, I rang some of the companies as well as looking online to see if they could answer some questions for me. Some were more helpful than others, let’s say. But, in the end, I did actually make a decision! I might do the same for some of my other bills soon, this whole thing has made me much more confident that you can bargain hunt this kind of thing just as well as anything else.