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  • Used Cars Toronto – We have some pretty good dealerships in Toronto!

    If you’re wondering if the used car dealerships Toronto has to offer are any good, I can tell you from personal experience that I know at least one that would bend over backwards for you. They did for me! My car was on its last leg. I had enough money to get a new one, but I was trying to hold off so I’d have a bigger down payment. Every time I got in my car, I crossed my fingers that it would start. I don’t know what was wrong with it but I knew it was expensive and not worth fixing. I was really just biding my time. And then, of course, one day it happened. I was leaving my overnight shift bright and early on a Saturday morning and that was it. It wouldn’t start. I had an emergency assistance program through my cell phone carrier so I called. They gave me a list of places they could tow me to. One was a little garage and used car dealership. It was close, someone was there, I was desperate. They left my car in the lot and I headed into the office to talk to the salesmen. The used cars Toronto has on their lots are quite impressive. I saw a few that really impressed me before I even sat down. “I guess you’re lucky I decided to come in early on a Saturday!” he said as he welcomed me with a handshake. Turns out the guy is the owner. One of his mechanics was finishing up a job and needed to come in on a Saturday so the guy decided to come into the office and catch up on paperwork. Total fluke. And here’s the kicker: he didn’t even ask me if I wanted to buy a car. He said he knows how it feels to be stuck out there when you’re car isn’t starting, how disorienting it can be. “I mean, I wasn’t doing anything else so when the dispatcher called to see if we were here, I figured, well, no one else is going to be around on a Saturday morning!” Then he offered me a donut. I left my car there when my ride came with the promise of coming back on Monday. I did and I of course bought my new car from him. He even gave me a decent amount for my trade in. If you're not as lucky as me in your dealership hunt I recommend checking out: https://www.carcanuck.ca/used-cars-toronto/; if you can't find a car there you're out of luck!