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  • Used Cars Toronto – We have some pretty good dealerships in Toronto!

    If you’re wondering if the used car dealerships Toronto has to offer are any good, I can tell you from personal experience that I know at least one that would bend over backwards for you. They did for me! My car was on its last leg. I had enough money to get a new one, but I was trying to hold off so I’d have a bigger down payment. Every time I got in my car, I crossed my fingers that it would start. I don’t know what was wrong with it but I knew it was expensive and not worth fixing. I was really just biding my time. And then, of course, one day it happened. I was leaving my overnight shift bright and early on a Saturday morning and that was it. It wouldn’t start. I had an emergency assistance program through my cell phone carrier so I called. They gave me a list of places they could tow me to. One was a little garage and used car dealership. It was close, someone was there, I was desperate. They left my car in the lot and I headed into the office to talk to the salesmen. The used cars Toronto has on their lots are quite impressive. I saw a few that really impressed me before I even sat down. “I guess you’re lucky I decided to come in early on a Saturday!” he said as he welcomed me with a handshake. Turns out the guy is the owner. One of his mechanics was finishing up a job and needed to come in on a Saturday so the guy decided to come into the office and catch up on paperwork. Total fluke. And here’s the kicker: he didn’t even ask me if I wanted to buy a car. He said he knows how it feels to be stuck out there when you’re car isn’t starting, how disorienting it can be. “I mean, I wasn’t doing anything else so when the dispatcher called to see if we were here, I figured, well, no one else is going to be around on a Saturday morning!” Then he offered me a donut. I left my car there when my ride came with the promise of coming back on Monday. I did and I of course bought my new car from him. He even gave me a decent amount for my trade in. If you're not as lucky as me in your dealership hunt I recommend checking out:; if you can't find a car there you're out of luck!

  • Budget Challenge: Who has the cheapest auto insurance

    So who do you think has the cheapest auto insurance?

    This month’s budgeting challenge has been working out who has the cheapest auto insurance - and boy, has it been a challenge! I went into this month all prepared to do a few quick searches, gather some quotes and make a decision, but it’s taken me much longer than I thought it would do. I’ve been with the same company for quite some time, and was getting frustrated that their new customers were getting better deals than me, so I decided to branch out. It’s been some time since I had to look, and I had forgotten just how much there was that I needed to think about! What I want it to cover, how much I want my deductible to be, and even just the variation in monthly cost. I’ve never been so thankful for the internet - at least this way I’ve been able to get a rough idea, and only call the companies I have an interest in, rather than having to call around them all to get an initial idea! I really wish companies had deals for long term customers, because if they did I would probably just stay for the convenience. Unfortunately, they don’t, so I’m trying to work out exactly what I want, what I can afford and which company is best suited for me. I had to make a claim a few years ago, and it was really difficult, so one of the things I’m looking for is a streamlined, easy to use process. Finding who has the cheapest auto insurance is one thing, but if they’re going to be stressful and difficult to use, I’d rather pay a little bit more to make my life easier. Luckily, most of the representatives I’ve spoken to at this point have been really helpful and explained things clearly, so I’m not as worried about this as I was. I found most of the representatives here by the way Usually I get my monthly budget challenge sorted out, but I’m actually still looking at this – I think it might go into next month too. I haven’t changed policies in a while, so there’s been a lot of new information for me to sift through. I’m getting there, and next time I want to change it should be much easier, but this month has definitely been a really tough one!

  • Bargain Hunting: Finding no deposit car insurance

    Little random for my first blog post, but what can I say. Insurance is a BIG problem in Georgia, it's too expensive!

    I love bargain hunting. Whether it’s tracking down sales, or keeping track of coupons, it’s one of my favourite things. So it might surprise you to know that I’m really bad at doing it for things like insurance. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been a bit anxious about finding new insurance policies, and I like to stick with something safe and comfortable. But no longer!

    This month, I set myself the challenge of bargain hunting my new no deposit car insurance policy. I went into it with a couple of key goals. Firstly, it had to be fully comprehensive. Secondly, it had to have a reasonable deductible. Finally, I didn’t want to pay a deposit upfront.

    I figured I might have to settle for two out of three, but why not start off aiming high, right? Turns out, it is actually possible to find very cheap car insurance no deposit wanted ( Found it here by the way: , also not a bad website to check out: took me quite a long time to find what I wanted because I’m not that confident with this, but once I’d worked out what I was looking for, it was quite easy to narrow it down to policies that didn’t require one.

    Basically, I didn’t want to pay a deposit because I’m a bit short on money at the moment, but I also didn’t want something with a really high out of pocket cost in case of accidents. I was worried that I’d have to choose one of these things over the other, but actually, I found something that had a higher monthly cost instead. I’m sure to some of you that seems like the worst option, but I actually much prefer the consistency of it. It’s less unpredictable, so I can set my budget out better.

    I didn’t actually settle on a new car insurance policy for about a week and a half though – as I said, I’m really anxious about this sort of thing, so everything got double and triple checked. Plus, I rang some of the companies as well as looking online to see if they could answer some questions for me. Some were more helpful than others, let’s say. But, in the end, I did actually make a decision! I might do the same for some of my other bills soon, this whole thing has made me much more confident that you can bargain hunt this kind of thing just as well as anything else.